August 31, 2009

Big Changes

A few weeks ago, Jeff casually brought up the idea of moving into a proper "house" before the baby arrives in December - you know ... a yard, a driveway, neighborhood kids, not 3 stories of stairs. At first, I thought nah - we are so happy in our townhouse right now, we can wait 2 or 3 years until we outgrow this place. No reason to rock the boat during the last few months of this pregnancy. But, the more we thought about it, the more we realized now is probably going to be the easiest and best time to move in the next several years - before we have kid stuff to juggle and while the interest rates and financial considerations are to our advantage.

So, after a couple days of analyzing the situation, we decided we would put our place on the market to test the waters and see if there was a possibility of selling it within the next couple months. We met with our realtor, and she had it listed by the next day. Within 2 hours of her putting the sign in our yard, she received a call from an interested couple who wanted to see the house the following morning. They put an offer on it, and we had a contract on the place by the end of that day.

Our happiness and gratitude in finding buyers for our place was quickly accompanied by excitment and some anxiety about finding the right house, neighborhood, community for our soon to be family of three! We have spent the last two weeks viewing 1,000-plus properties online, 125 properties in-person, and lots of conversation, prayer and thoughtful consideration about the best town, neighborhood and home for us. After an initial review of the towns in the metroplex, we narrowed it down to Frisco and Southlake. We then visited homes in each and really felt like Southlake was the best fit for us. It is a smallish town of about 25,000, with a real community feel built around family. The public schools are considered some of the best in the state, and they have done a great job building a solid infrastructure of shops and amenities to support the community. They have many nice neighborhoods, and lots of playgrounds, parks, walking trails, etc. It is also centrally located in the metroplex between Dallas and Fort Worth, so when the traffic isn't too bad, it is a relatively good location for Jeff's work.

As of last night, we think we found the perfect place for us! We've put an offer on it, and will hopefully be able to come to an agreement within the next couple days. We are really excited about this next step and know that the future has some wonderful things in store!