July 24, 2013

I've been waiting for this day!

Ever since we were pregnant with Jacob, I looked forward to the day they would be sitting in the backseat together, able to hold hands and laugh with each other. It seems like a small thing, but it seems each day the small things are really the big things. Precious Backseat Brothers :)

July 17, 2013


We've had rain the last few days. It seems like forever since the last time we had a nice, cool stretch of rainy weather. The Texas summer has a way of beating you down. So tonight we went out after dinner and ran around in the rain, jumped in puddles and had a grand old time. Love the rain. Love these moments. Love this family.

July 10, 2013

Library story time

This summer, we have been going to story time at the local library. We sing songs, listen to a story, play games Nd have fun with the librarians and other children. Then, we go to pick out some books to bring home for the week. Benjamin gets very excited to look at all the possibilities and choose his books. We have mutually decided he can rent 5 books, so he carefully selects each one. Then he takes them to the counter, shows his library card and loads them into his backpack. ***precious***

My lil monkey

Benjamin has really been showing his imagination, and one of his favorite things is pretending to be a certain kind of animal. If he is running fast, he pretends he is a cheetah ... "I'm running seventy miles a hour!"

He jumped onto my leg and said, "Mommy, I'm holding onto you like a monkey!"

 **legs wrapped around mine, full weight on me, wants me to drag my leg along because I'm the "Mommy monkey"**

He also put his shoes on his hands the other day and called them his "monkey climbers" because they help him "climb like a monkey". Tried to get a photo of this and he ran like a cheetah.

That stinks

Benjamin, Jacob and I were reading a book about sharks tonight before bed and we got to the threat of them being "extinct". Ben started laughing and saying those sharks pooped because "it stinked". Love what comes out of his mind & mouth these days :)

"Real" foods

The last few days, Jacob has been kind of fussy eating his puréed baby foods as we eat regular food at the table with him. Up to this pint, we had given him an occasion bit of bread, Cheerios, a bit of banana, etc, but his meals still consisted of "baby" foods. Until Yesterday. While eating lunch, he fussed as has become par for the last few days. So I put a piece of pasta to his mouth and let him bite it off with his super-sharp 4-top and 2-bottom teeth. He smiled and then squealed with delight. I gave him another bite. More of the same reaction. Then I gave him a bite of strawberry. He grabbed my arm and pulled it to his mouth. In the last two days, he has had pasta salad, chicken salad, guacamole, hummus, pita, strawberries and more. He LOVES "real" food! Sweetest baby ever!