October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

We had friends over for pizza and trick or treating around our street this year, just as we did last year. Benjamin and his friend Harrison made it A LOT further around this time ... Last year we made it about 6 houses down, and this time we went around the full loop, I would estimate about 20-25 houses. It was so cute because at first they didn't quite know what to do. They would go up to a house, but not knock or ring the bell. We encouraged them to do so and when someone answered, they would try to walk into their house. They tried to remember to say "trick or treat" but didn't always do so. Walking away from each house we would remind them "what do you say?" (hoping for a "thank you") but instead they would say "trick or treat!" again as they left the house with new candy in tow. Towards the end, they started to get the routine, and we did more watching and enjoying and less teaching and correcting. By the end, Benjamin's bucket was so heavy, he walked tilted over to one side ;) Jacob rode along happily in his stroller. One other highlight of the night was when the town fire department's big ladder truck came down our street with firemen to hand out glow necklaces and bracelets so kids would be safe and visible as it got dark. 

Three Hugs

Benjamin this morning:

"Mommy, I need to give you a good morning hug!" He gives me a huge hug. 

"Now I need to give you a vitamin hug!" I've never heard of this so I don't know what it means, but he squeezes me tight. Then explains, "This hug will give you energy for the day!"

"Now I need to give you aaaaaa .... HEART HUG!!!!" He hugs me tightest of all. "Do you feel me squeeze that love out?"

These are moments I will cherish forever. *Benjamin sweetness*

October 30, 2013

The Sound of Music

... My favorite movie of all time. But lately, the sound of music has been filling our lives even more because Benjamin started a Musikgarten class in September. He absolutely loves it! He lights up whenever it's time to go there, and I have never seen him be so consistently excited about an activity he gets to do. In class, he sings songs, does movements (I.e fly like a bumblebee, gallop like a horse, slink like a caterpillar), learns poetry, uses instruments, tells stories, learns interesting animal sounds (the downy woodpecker, the African honeybee, the whirligig beetle, etc), and more. We are very proud of him for immersing himself in these new lessons and finding joy in the sound of music!

He has always loved singing ... Before he could even talk in full sentences, he would complete lines of songs he loved, like life is a highway, on top of spaghetti, twinkle twinkle little star, we love mommy (that's one Jeff made up ;-) ) but this class has taken it to a new level. He sings randomly throughout each day. I really like his teacher Ms Morley. She reports that he is a really special kid who is doing exceptionally well vocalizing, matching pitch and engaging in class. 

Way to go Benjaminprecious!

It's difficult to get pictures as the parents only come in for a few minutes at the end of class, but here is one from today. Daddy got to meet us there after work ... Yay!

New favorite Ben-ism: Tree Stars

Benjamin found a leaf while he was running outside after music class today. "Daddy, look! I found a tree star!"

October 24, 2013

Horseshoe Bay

Recently, Jeff and I returned to Horseshoe Bay for the first time since getting married there 5.5 years ago. What a special trip it was! Being back there exceeded my expectations. I thought I remembered a lot from our wedding weekend, but it brought back even more great memories and made me realize that this will always be one of my favorite places in the world. There is a peaceful, quiet, beautiful way about it that I will always love. I hope we are able to go back there often, and someday even take our children there. 

We took the scenic route there and back. Once there, went out for lunch before an afternoon on the golf course. We had a champagne toast and went out for a nice dinner overlooking the pool and lake where we got married and had our wedding reception. We walked around these areas and reminisced about what a magical day our wedding was. The next day, I did spa time while Jeff golfed, we met up for lunch and then went jet skiing around Lake LBJ. We saw many beautiful homes and explored a few of the many coves around the lake. The last morning we had a buffet breakfast in the hotel restaurant, just like we did the morning after our wedding :)

More than a focus on our wedding day, this weekend was a celebration of the marriage we have made together since that day.

A big thanks to Nana and Grampa who cared for our everything - our boys - so we could have this special time away! We are so grateful xoxo

October 15, 2013

Jacob is ONE!

Oh Sweet Jacob, where do we begin?! One year ago, you entered the world, and we've all had more love, joy and laughter in our lives since. There are so many things I love about you, I could never write them all down, but here are a few:

- you are so smart! you learn quickly and are so satisfied by learning and doing new things ... how to use new toys, feed yourself, climb stairs, get into chairs ... when you were only 4 months old, you would help by getting your arms out of the car seat straps when i unbuckled you. you now climb up to the sink to try and wash your hands and brush your teeth. today i caught you trying to put your own shoes on.
- whenever I pick you up, you lay your head on my shoulder and immediately reach around to twirl your fingers in my hair
- when i make a kissing sound, you bring your open mouth to my lips like a little bird. i think you like the sound of my kisses echoing in your head. or, maybe, you're trying to kiss me back ;-)
- when Daddy brings you in to our bed Saturday morning, as soon as he sets you on the bed, you speed crawl toward me, "crashing" into me with excitement and laughter. life for this Momma doesn't get any better.
- you have a perfect, round head with a perfect swirl at the crown
- you were the best baby, sleeping well from the beginning. one of the things i remember most about those newborn nights is the way you wouldn't even cry when you woke up. you would just make little sweet baby noises, gently waking me up from my deep sleep.
- you LOVE food. you will try (and you like) everything you've had so far in your little life.
- you have a mouthful of teeth ... much more than average for your age. all your teeth on the bottom are in (fronts, molars, canines) and the top just has canines and one molar to go. you make the most of your teeth ... you would rather have bites of our food instead of eating your own smaller, cut up portions of the same food!
- you really get excited when Daddy and Benjamin are playing ... you speed crawl to them and you try to throw yourself onto Daddy and get involved in the mix. you do the same when Daddy or Benjamin are tickling me.
- you love reading, especially books with textures you get to feel. you love the touch and feel farm animal book, the big book of animals, little blue truck, and i love you through and through.