August 31, 2010

Ben's First Tooth

On 8/9/10, Ben's first tooth started to come through ... his bottom right front tooth. A couple weeks later, after a few days of teething (mainly just being very clingy with Mommy - I was MORE than happy to give him the TLC he needed!) the bottom left front tooth broke through. We just got the first picture in which you can clearly see Ben's new pearly whites :-) What a beautiful smile you have Benjamin!


I am way behind on some posts about the last month ... a visit from Nana and Grandpa, a weekend with my college grilfriends, Nana's Birthday surprise weekend, Ben turning 8 months, our trip to CO ...

But I just had to get this video up for you guys to see. Ben started saying Dada in the last few days! We took this video in our hotel room in CO on Saturday. He starts out pretty much whispering it, almost like he can't beleive the sound is really coming out of HIS mouth. Soooooo precious. He just melts our hearts :)

Dadadadada!!!! from Katy on Vimeo.

August 25, 2010

Happy 60th Nana Pat!

We went down to Austin the weekend before Nana Pat's birthday to surprise her and celebrate the big six-oh! We made signs and got balloons and made special arrangements with Brad on how to really surprise her. We snuck up on her while she was browsing the magazine section of a Borders near their house. It was awesome - she was so surprised and happy! We went out to dinner at Maggiano's and then whisked the birthday gal off to Lakeway for a weekend of her favorite things :) A spa trip complete with massage, manicure and pedicure, family time around the pool, cookout, and a photo shoot with the grandkids! We all had so much fun because we love making Mama/Nana SMILE :)

8 Months

At 8 months, Ben is doing lots of fun things ...
- laughs when he sneezes
- worms/belly flops all over the place
- "cooperates" by holding his legs up and putting them down when appropriate during his diaper changes
- first teeth are breaking through
- loves his baths
- eyes are turning from blue to greenish hazel
- enjoying playdates with his friends

August 15, 2010

College Girlfriends Weekend!

Every year, girlfriends from college get together, and I look forward to it every year. This year, we decided to meet here in Dallas and OMG did we have a blast! Sarah and Lauren arrived Wednesday evening, and we stayed up til 2am catching up in the pool and hot tub :) Then Thursday we lounged by the pool and played with Ben all day, and Jeff stayed with Ben while we went out for dinner and drinks. Friday was another very relaxing day in the pool, and in the evening we took a sunset sailboat ride and saw a fireworks show on Lake Grapevine. It was a picture perfect night on a gorgeous boat. What a fum, memorable weekend. Thanks for coming down and keeping the tradition alive. Love you gals!