December 24, 2013

Three Things

A few nights ago, I was with Benjamin as he got ready for bed. He was having trouble focusing (i.e. He was frolicking around his room nekkid instead of getting in his pajamas), so I left the room for a minute, telling him he needed to be dressed by the time I returned, otherwise no stories.

When I got back to the room, I found him dressed in his pajamas, walking around his room talking quietly and counting on his fingers. "What are you counting?" I asked. "Three things Mommy," he replied. "There are three things I always need to remember: Work hard. (1 finger) Play hard. (2 fingers) And Always. (3 fingers) Believe in. (4 fingers) Myself! (5 fingers) That's FIVE things Mommy! Five things I always need to remember."

As if that wasn't enough, after he climbed into bed and we were done with stories, songs and prayer, I was kneeling at his bedside. He reached his little hand out, cupped my cheek, looked right into my eyes and said, "Don't worry Mommy, I will always breetect (protect) you. From predators." And he proceeded to go into great detail about situations where we might be in a field and a predator might come after me and how he would "breetect" me. 

Once again, I acknowledge to myself that it simply doesn't get any better. 

December 11, 2013

Seen around the house today ...

We are remodeling part of our kitchen. Jacob has seen our contractor Johnny using a drill a lot today. Tonight after he was done with dinner, Jacob went over to his basket of toys, picked this out and walked over to the kitchen. He held it out towards the contractor and made lots of precious baby talking sounds. 

This morning, I asked Ben if we could sing some Christmas songs, and suggested my current favorite "Sleigh Ride". He countered with the suggestion to song "an M&M song" (as in the candy, because he is very into trail mix right now, but only the M&Ms part - LOL). So I said "just hear those M&Ms jingling ring ting tingling too..." He laughed, and without skipping a beat, HE made up on the spot and sang - in perfect melody of the song - "come on it's lovely weather to eat M&Ms with you!" The song went on with him changing parts to make it about M&Ms, all in harmony and perfect rhythm. I'm not sure the true genius of the situation comes through in writing, but he (and all of us) were laughing with joy and wonder at his creations. 

This was super-fun bath time with Grampa. "Thomas the Toothpaste" and brushing Grampa's thumb make for the best bath time ever!