September 12, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

On a hot, hot day in September, we went to see the Rangers play! Little did we know, they would be going to the World Series this year. We were high up behind home plate, and realized that we actually had a very nice breeze by sitting in the top row. We did our best to keep Benjamin cool, and he did great until late in the game ... he was getting sleepy on my shoulder, and just as he would be drifting off to sleep, a huge roar from the crowd would wake him back up. He was startled and cried pretty hard. So we left a little early, and precious pants slept hard on the way home :-)

September 9, 2010

A Visit from Auntie Em

My good friend Emily lives in Houston right now, so she came up to spend a couple days visiting us. We hung out in the pool, played with Ben and even had a chance to go downtown to Steel for sushi.

September 7, 2010

Labor Day Party!

On Labor Day, we had our friends over for a BBQ and Pool Party! We had a great time listening to music, splashing in the pool, and playing LRC late into the night.

September 1, 2010

Our First Family Vacation

At the end of August, we escaped the TX heat and went to Beaver Creek and Denver, CO. Ben was a wonderful traveler, and we had an amazing time. I think if we had to live anywhere else, we would definitely pick CO! Jeff played some beautiful courses, I had a day at the Park Hyatt Spa, and we went to the top of the mountain for a family picnic :) Jeff and I even managed to get a babysitter after Ben was asleep for the night, and we had a date night at a restaurant overlooking the mountains and a dip in the hot tub under the stars. It was a dream vacation.

Red Rocks

Jeff and I went to my favorite concert EVER while in Colorado. It was Ray LaMontagne and David Gray at Red Rocks. WOW! To be in this natural amphitheater, under the stars, listening to two of our favorite artists, with the love of my life ... doesn't get much better than this.