November 4, 2013

Jacob's First Steps!

Jacob took his first steps tonight! It was extra special because Jeff, Benjamin and I were all there to see it. He was so proud of himself, and so were we!!! A video says it all …

Jacob's First Steps! from Katy on Vimeo.

November 1, 2013

Me n Dino

Benjamin is loving The Land Before Time, the animated movie about dinosaurs, right now. He often acts out scenes and pretends he is a dinosaur. When he is a "three-horn" I am Mama three-horn. If he is Littlefoot, he calls me his Mama Littlefoot. He calls Daddy Bigfoot. 

This afternoon, he wanted to swing, and naturally his Dino friend wanted to swing with him. "Mommy, push me and Dino on the swing!"

 I asked him to look at the camera and he turned away. So I said definitely do not look at the camera, and this is the shot I got. Oh to be 3 ;-)

Cloud spotting

We were eating dinner outside tonight. All of a sudden Benjamin yelled out, "I see North America!" He pointed up to the clouds. There was a little continental drift by the time I took the picture, but I must say I agree with him.
A couple minutes later he looked up ... "Where did North America go?"