September 1, 2009

New Mexico Adventure

Jeff and I decided to take a trip out to West Texas and New Mexico earlier this summer. We had a blast! We spent one night in Lubbock and then drove on to Ruidoso, passing briefly through Roswell, the UFO capital of the world. We spent a couple days in Ruidoso, and it is a beautiful mountain resort town. We played golf, putt-putt, go carts, went out to dinner, hiked and relaxed. Then we drove down to Carlsbad to see the underground caverns, and that was really cool - unbelievable the formations that exist 750-800 feet underground! Here are some pics from the trip.

On our way to the Caverns, we even got to see an example of Obama's Stimulus Plan in full effect. They are taking a very lightly traveled 20-mile stretch of highway and expanding it by one lane on each side. Tax dollars at work, whether we need it or not!!!

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