January 18, 2010

Grandma CiCi's Extended Stay!

My Mom was kind enough to stay for about 3 weeks after Ben was born. She was a lifesaver!!! She taught me a lot about life as a mom ... every day had lessons little and big ... the best way to burp a baby, how to properly "latch" for nursing, how to wash your hands while holding baby, how to take a trip out with baby, and on and on. She also cleaned, did laundry, cooked us meals and helped keep me (mostly) sane :) She also encouraged Jeff and I too go on our first little date as new parents. It felt really weird to leave Ben at home, but it was nice to reconnect as husband and wife over dinner and - gasp - a glass of wine!

During the time Mom was here, we had Ben's and my 2-week checkups. Precious did great at his checkup and I was cleared to drive.

Thanks Momma!!! We loved having you here and will always be grateful for all your help during this crazy, special time.

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