October 15, 2010

Grandpa, Come on Down!

My Mom and Dad are moving down to Texas!!! It has been in the works for a couple months, but Dad officially made the drive from OH down to TX last week to work full-time at his new job. On the way down, he stopped here for a visit. It really made it feel "official" that they are going to be close by and we will be able to see them pretty much anytime we would want. I think a part of me hasn't wanted to get too excited until I knew it was a done deal, and driving the good ole' Odessey from OH to TX is a good sign that this is truly happening :) HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!! Here are a couple pix from Dad's stopover. Ben is sitting on a beautiful rocking chair from Grammy that she is passing on to us, along with a beautiful marble-top table, toys for Ben and dolls from her collection. We will cherish these always.

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