May 9, 2013

Benjamin's First Real Picture!

Ben has done lots of drawing in his first 3.5 years, but this is his very first "real" picture. It's a scene from Peter Pan ... The drawing is all his, and the writing is from me as he told me what each one was. This is so interesting to me because there were no baby steps leading up to this drawing...he went from literally scribbling circles and lines to depicting several related things in detail.

He drew Neverland first and then put water in the middle and then said we need a crocodile in the water. He made sure to note the crocodile had sharp teeth. Next came pixie dust ("pisky dust"), and then Peter Pan, complete with sword according to Ben. Finally, he asked me to draw a star "right there" (pointing) ... In accordance with the known location of Neverland ... second star to the right and straight on til morning ;)

Big milestone alert: That face/body is the very first time he's ever drawn a face! This is a key developmental milestone we were anticipating sometime this year.

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