July 10, 2013

"Real" foods

The last few days, Jacob has been kind of fussy eating his puréed baby foods as we eat regular food at the table with him. Up to this pint, we had given him an occasion bit of bread, Cheerios, a bit of banana, etc, but his meals still consisted of "baby" foods. Until Yesterday. While eating lunch, he fussed as has become par for the last few days. So I put a piece of pasta to his mouth and let him bite it off with his super-sharp 4-top and 2-bottom teeth. He smiled and then squealed with delight. I gave him another bite. More of the same reaction. Then I gave him a bite of strawberry. He grabbed my arm and pulled it to his mouth. In the last two days, he has had pasta salad, chicken salad, guacamole, hummus, pita, strawberries and more. He LOVES "real" food! Sweetest baby ever!

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