April 17, 2014

At the park today ...


"Mommy look at me! I'm doing something DANGEROUS!"

Jake was a little independent climber, going up the play sets and down the slides all by himself. Everytime an airplane flew over he shrieked with excitement and pointed up to the sky, squinting but not letting the sun get in the way of his pure joy at looking up to the sky. Anytime he heard the sound of a truck go by, he turned and waved in its direction. (In the past week, he has even started waving at toy trucks at home. Soooo cute!)

Of course there was some brotherly love going on because Benjamin is always full of love and hugs and kisses for his brother. After this picture was taken, he took both of Jacob's hands and kisses them and told him he loved him. 

After we got done playing, Benjamin went in for his Musikgarten class, and I fed Jake a clementine. This is him signing "thank you". 

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