February 24, 2009

What Happens in Vegas ...

We went to Las Vegas this past weekend for a little getaway and to celebrate my 27th birthday! We loved playing Blackjack at Encore and Caesar's Palace. And, I knew it was going to be a good weekend when we walked up to the Roulette table and I hit my lucky number on the first spin. Woohoo! 35:1, baby!

We saw The Cirque du Soleil show LOVE that goes along to Beatles songs.
It was really cool. My favorite parts were "Something in the Way She Moves" and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".

The most visually stunning show was Le Reve.
It was an intimate, round theater with a huge water tank in the middle. The show involved aerial acrobatics, synchronized swimming, high diving off platforms, dancing, contortionists, singing, and more. They even had an amazing smell permeating the theater ... we think they did it on purpose for the whole "sensory" experience OR they just needed to cover up the smell of chlorine. :)

We had two fun, unique dinners out.

Friday night was at Japonais ... a trendy sushi/Japanese place. They had one in Chicago too that we always wanted to go to, but this was our first opportunity to go to one. I HIGHLY recommend "The Rock" ... yummy marinated thin slices of New York Strip steak, served with a lava rock that's heated to 450 degrees ... you place the slices of meat on the rock and cook them yourself at the table (about 5 seconds/side for medium). WOW ... the best tasting steak either of us ever had.

Saturday night was at a cool new restaurant called SWITCH at Encore ... the new Steve Wynn hotel/casino that just opened in December. The ceiling, walls and lighting literally "switch" all around you about every 30 minutes while you're dining. It is a really innovative concept and definitely gives the sense of something that would only happen in Vegas!

On the way there and back, we flew over the Grand Canyon. I had never seen it before, so even just getting a glimpse from the air was awe inspiring. Would love to go there someday to see it up close. What a beautiful world we live in!

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