March 17, 2009

Birthday Surprise!

My precious husband planned the greatest birthday surprise EVER for my 27th birthday. He flew my Mom and Dad in from Hudson to celebrate with us for a fun-filled, fabulous weekend!

Here's how it all went down. A couple months ago, Jeff's parents asked what we were doing the weekend after my birthday because they had something special planned. We both checked calendars and confirmed that would work. We proceeded to talk with each other periodically about what we thought it could possibly be, and we both agreed we had absolutely no idea. Turns out, Jeff had asked his parents to play a part in the larger surprise. Because we knew we were going to be doing *something*, we were able to clear our schedules, get the house ready for guests, etc. Fast-forward to the scene of the surprise. I was picking Jeff up from the airport the day after my birthday. He said his plane had - at the last minute - pulled into a different gate, so I needed to go to a different terminal to pick him up. No problem! (Turns out it was so Jeff could meet up with my parents as they arrived!) When I pulled up to Jeff's terminal, I grabbed Kodi Bear and sent him running on the sidewalk to his Daddy. I followed quickly behind and jumped into Jeff's arms. I was just so excited to see him! Then, Jeff got really serious and took me by the shoulders and said that he had a birthday gift he had wanted to give me the day before, but he couldn't til now ... then he turned me around and MY PARENTS WERE STANDING RIGHT THERE!!! My knees went weak and tears welled up and I just kept saying "Oh my gosh!" I couldn't believe they were HERE. In DALLAS! Across the country from their home! My mom was on crutches recovering from foot surgery and my Dad was *supposedly* on a biz trip. Hugging them tightly and laughing and freaking out in happiness at being together was not supposed to be even possible! It was truly one of life's great moments of joy.

It meant so much to me that Jeff knew what would be the best possible gift, and that's time with family, especially because we live far apart.

We had an awesome weekend ... ate at fun restaurants like Cyclone Anaya's and Roy's, went to see a King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art, saw where JFK was assassinated, went to the park for a windy picnic and had game night with Blackjack (my current obsession) and Cranium.

We even drove by George and Laura's new digs, only to be turned away by Secret Service. I really think my car is on their watch list now, since Momma Carol decided to yell out the window at the group of suited men with earpieces running towards us, "Aw, we just wanted to get a peek!" ha - classic Mom! I love her so much. Here is the Secret Service protecting our former prez's street (before they came running at us, arms flailing.)

It's only been a couple weeks, and I miss M&D already. I will always be grateful for the elaborate plan Jeff orchestrated to pull of this most excellent birthday surprise! Great memories will last forever :)


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