September 20, 2013

Game Player

Jake is starting to play games with us. The first one I noticed last week ... He is purposely biting down on the spoon and not letting me take it out of his mouth after a bite. He laughs so hard and thinks its hilarious. He keeps doing it for every bite!

Then, a couple nights ago, he took a sip of water from his cup, looked right at me, and let it dribble out of his mouth. I acted shocked and said what are you doing silly, which delighted him. So he did it again! And again and again! For several minutes this went on, and we are we're laughing SO hard. 

I love seeing him realize he can do things to make us laugh. 

The darker side of this new personality coming out was on display when he crawled over to an electrical outlet and was trying to get the baby safety plug out of it. I said "Jacob, that's danger. No touching!" He smiled and went right back to grabbing for it. I walked over, crouched down, offered him another toy and said again "that is dangerous to touch and you may play with these other toys." I stood up and started walking back to the kitchen. I heard a Jacob noise behind me, like trying to get my attention "Meh!" I turned around, and there he is crouching in front of the outlet, with one hand on it, staring right up at me with a smug smile on his face.

Look out world, here comes Jacob! 

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