October 15, 2013

Jacob is ONE!

Oh Sweet Jacob, where do we begin?! One year ago, you entered the world, and we've all had more love, joy and laughter in our lives since. There are so many things I love about you, I could never write them all down, but here are a few:

- you are so smart! you learn quickly and are so satisfied by learning and doing new things ... how to use new toys, feed yourself, climb stairs, get into chairs ... when you were only 4 months old, you would help by getting your arms out of the car seat straps when i unbuckled you. you now climb up to the sink to try and wash your hands and brush your teeth. today i caught you trying to put your own shoes on.
- whenever I pick you up, you lay your head on my shoulder and immediately reach around to twirl your fingers in my hair
- when i make a kissing sound, you bring your open mouth to my lips like a little bird. i think you like the sound of my kisses echoing in your head. or, maybe, you're trying to kiss me back ;-)
- when Daddy brings you in to our bed Saturday morning, as soon as he sets you on the bed, you speed crawl toward me, "crashing" into me with excitement and laughter. life for this Momma doesn't get any better.
- you have a perfect, round head with a perfect swirl at the crown
- you were the best baby, sleeping well from the beginning. one of the things i remember most about those newborn nights is the way you wouldn't even cry when you woke up. you would just make little sweet baby noises, gently waking me up from my deep sleep.
- you LOVE food. you will try (and you like) everything you've had so far in your little life.
- you have a mouthful of teeth ... much more than average for your age. all your teeth on the bottom are in (fronts, molars, canines) and the top just has canines and one molar to go. you make the most of your teeth ... you would rather have bites of our food instead of eating your own smaller, cut up portions of the same food!
- you really get excited when Daddy and Benjamin are playing ... you speed crawl to them and you try to throw yourself onto Daddy and get involved in the mix. you do the same when Daddy or Benjamin are tickling me.
- you love reading, especially books with textures you get to feel. you love the touch and feel farm animal book, the big book of animals, little blue truck, and i love you through and through.

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