February 3, 2014

Jacob's first day of school

Jacob walked up the sidewalk to class giggling and gasping with delight this morning, as he knew where we were going. He climbed the stairs, walked across the porch, and into the classroom without hesitation. A moment of pride as our little bird spread his wings for his first trip away from the nest. A new chapter begins, full of adventure and promise. 

At breakfast with Mommy and Daddy before my first day at school!

Jeff and I went around to the classroom observation window and saw Jacob doing extraordinarily well in his new environment. He sat in Ms. Cristel's lap as they changed into his indoor shoes, he observed fish in the tank for a while, and then saw the bookshelf nearby. He picked out a book and sat in a chair to read. He flipped through the book a bit and Ms. Cristel, I think surprised and pleased with the moment, got a camera to take a picture. He gave her his best "aw shucks, me?" smile and hugged his book tightly as she snapped away. He was curious about everything around him, and did not seem fazed by the crowd of toddlers who gathered around to watch every move of this new young classmate. 

After the book, Ms. Cristel took him to a shelf to receive his first official lesson the the classroom, the ring tower. This is a favorite of Jacob's at home, and though he went to a table out of our sight, we saw the flash of Ms. Cristel's camera as we walked away from the observation window ;-)

Going to pick him up now! We love you Jacob and we are so proud of you!!!

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