March 11, 2014

Dentist Visit

Benjamin did SO well at his dentist appt today. He was very interested in the Boy Scouts magazine in the waiting area, as it had "large mouth bass" on it. He told me he could tell that because of the fins. He was very polite, introducing himself and me to the office staff and hygienist. Something like " My name is Benjamin" (points at chest). "...And this is Mommy" (holds his hand out, palm up, towards me ... Because I guess pointing is rude? How does he know this?!) "... and I'm 4 years old" (holds out 4 fingers and looks at them as he says it) "...and I'm almost 5 years old. I'll be 5 years old on my birthday, and that's A-semptee (December) 25th on Christmas." This is how many exchanges go these days. Obsessed with our polite, thoughtful, smart, articulate, confident little man.

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