August 18, 2014

First Day of School 2014-2015

The boys had a fantastic first day back to school today. Benjamin is in his 3rd year of primary in Ms. Raana's class, so he will be one of the oldest children in the class this year. It's an important year for him as he experiences being a leader and building his self esteem in an environment he has mastered. Jacob is counting in Ms. Cristel's toddler class after attending there from February-May earlier this year. 

When we dropped them off this morning, Benjamin called out, "Bubba loves you! Have a great first day back at school!" as Jacob walked into his classroom. And as Ben walked away to his classroom with the line of his classmates, he turned around to look for us and yelled, "Bye Mom and Dad! Love you!" It was SO precious. I hope he feels comfortable doing this kind of thing in front of his peers forever, but I know it is something we just have to appreciate now because it may not be like this forever.

Jacob had no tears, and walked up the steps into his classroom without even looking back. That makes us really proud that he is emotionally adjusted well enough to handle these changes in his routine.


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