November 4, 2014

Happy Halloween!

This year, Benjamin was an Allosaurus. He was very specific about what his costume should look like, and luckily after looking at many dinosaur costumes, he found one and declared "That's it! The Allosaurus!" 

Jacob loves penguins right now ... He gets so giddy and excited whenever he sees a picture, stuffed animal, replica or video of a penguin. When I went through options of things he could be for Halloween, he kept shaking his head and saying "noh!" Until I asked if he wanted to be a penguin, and he started laughing, clapping and dancing around. We had a winner!

Benjamin was very excited to go out and remembered from last year what it was like to go up to houses and get candy. Jacob was very confused at first about why we were trying to get him to go up to people's front doors. But after the first house, when he realized people open their doors and give him CANDY, he was allllll about it and became fully engaged in the whole event. His favorite was snickers, and a few houses in scored a full size snickers bar. He skipped the next few stops as he mowed down on the giant candy bar. 

The night was a huge success, and he had a dance party back at the house when we got home :) it was daylight savings time this weekend, so I didn't mind letting the boys stay up "late" as it gave us a head start on the time change a couple days later. I think they could tell they were staying up late and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

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