December 9, 2014


Benjamin started taking Spanish class once a week this Fall. He has really taken to it and seems to enjoy it. He already counts to 100, and knows many colors and animals. The other night he cried in bed when he couldn't remember how to count to 1,000 (by hundreds). He is learning the basics of conversation, and the other day had a chance to practice with native speakers. 

When Benjamin got home from school, a Mexican painter and his teenage daughter were here. We told him they speak Spanish and he could talk with them in Spanish if he wants. He immediately walked up to them and said, "Hola! Como estas?" The daughter smiled and said, "Bien, gracias. E usted?" And Benjamin promptly replied, "Mui bien, gracias!" He had a satisfied look of pride on his face. One of the things that has amazed us is not just the vocabulary he has learned quickly, but his exact replication of the accent. He rolls his "r"s with precision, and all his intonations are spot-on. 

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