December 1, 2009

Reflections on Pregnancy

Things I Love about Being Pregnant:
- Feeling little precious move inside me
- Getting a ridiculous amount of foot and back massages from the hubs (thank you love!)
- Having strangers be extra nice, or smile knowingly
- Having our little guy with me at all times, safe, secure, well-nourished and content, with no extra maintenance required (changing, feeding, sleeping, bathing, strolling)
- Having family time with Jeff talking to baby in my tummy
- The baby bump! I used to put a basketball or pillow in my shirt as a little girl when I dreamt about being pregnant and a mom someday ... now it's here for real! Every time I walk past a mirror, I have to double-check to make sure that really is MY silhouette there :)

Things I Am Looking Forward to When I Get Un-Pregnant:
- Meeting our angel baby, of course :)
- No more heartburn!
- Sleeping on my right side, or - gasp! - my back
- Easily getting in and out of chairs
- No more blood draws
- Having my body back
- Having more energy (err, maybe not for the first month or two, right?!)
- No swollen feet, ankles, legs and hands

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