December 8, 2009

Brother in Arms

My brother Colin is a 1st Lt in the Marine Corps, flying the AH-1 Cobra. He deployed for the first time to Afghanistan a few weeks ago. It seems like not so long ago, we were little kids building forts with our youngest brother Patrick, dressing up as Supergirl and Superman, playing on the swings, hiding underneath clothing racks in department stores and generally having a classic, all-American childhood.

Now he's all grown up, and we couldn't be more proud of him. The little brother I once held in my arms and defended on the playground is the one protecting us and our country. He has committed himself to being a brother not just to me, but to our entire country.

The truth is, I think Colin was born to be a Marine. He wanted to climb the highest trees, jump off the tallest heights, dive into the deepest end of the pool since he could climb, jump and swim... err, jump. Nevermind swim - he figured that out after he jumped in. Well, now he is voluntarily and with honor entering the Afghan war zone to fight an enemy that would like nothing more than to destroy us. Colin and his squadron are stationed in Southern Afghanistan - the Helmand province - which is the the heart of the current Taliban insurgency. Please keep him and his fellow soldiers in your thoughts and prayers as they represent and fight for our country's best interests here and abroad.

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