December 15, 2009

T-minus Two Weeks and Counting

Yesterday marked two weeks til our due date, and today marks two weeks until our scheduled induction - unless baby decides to come sooner! So - as hard as it is to believe - this means that no matter what, we will meet our angel baby in two weeks or less. Ahhh!!! We can't wait! The crazy thing to think about is that he could literally come any day now. Jeff and I have our little lists and plans, but baby doesn't know how to read yet, and he doesn't care much for to-do lists anyway, so we'll be working off of his schedule for D-Day :)

We had our 38-week appointment yesterday, and things are progressing. I am 60% effaced and .5cm dilated. Which means ..... drumroll please ..... not too darn much ;) Truthfully, I am releived that things are progressing even a little bit because it means my body is responding the way its suppossed to at this point in the pregnancy. But it's not an indication of when baby is going to come. As the Dr. left the room, he said, "See you next week, if not sooner!". The hunch is we'll be seeing him for our regular weekly visit again next Monday, but the thought that the next time we see him I could be in labor is insane to think about!

I started maternity leave last week, and we have been taking full advantage of the new-found time ... taking some baby-prep classes at the hospital (Baby Care 101, Infant CPR and Breastfeeding - they were all so helpful!), packing the hospital bags, washing newborn size baby clothes, blankets, towels, etc., further unpacking and settling into the house, decorating the nursery (the furniture finally came!!!), Christmas shopping, and trying to still take some time to relax and enjoy each other. Everyone says they can't remember what life was like before baby, and we are determined to remember and appreciate these last few days before parenthood.

I will post pix shortly ...

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