February 12, 2010

A Record Snowfall

Yesterday, we had a record snowfall here in Dallas! It snowed about 10 inches at our house, and up to 14 inches around the Metroplex. It was was beautiful, and a huge surprise, even to the forecasters. They were saying there was a small chance of precipitation, and it definitely would NOT be frozen. About 12 hours later, this was the scene:Jeff and I had a blast throwing snowballs and building a snowman. There is something so special about the quietness that comes with a heavy snowfall, and we really enjoyed being out there together - it felt like stealing a few moments away, as the baby was sleeping, safe and warm in his bed we escaped to play in the snow :)

The next day, before all the snow had a chance to melt, we brought Benjamin outside to experience snow for the first time. It was too bright for his little eyes to open even though he was awake, but I think he enjoyed it nonetheless.

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