February 17, 2010

A Visit from Auntie Sarah

The night of the snowstorm, one of my very best friends in the whole world Sarah came into town. It was a miracle she got in that night, and we were so glad she got here safely on the last flight they were letting into the airport! It was SO special to spend this time with Sarah, for her to meet Ben, and for us to experience this unique time together. It's a strange time in my life - trying to figure out mommyhood and still hold onto all the ways I have previously defined myself. Sarah is a true friend who is always there for me, and spending time with her helped remind me of who I have always been and can continue to be - even after baby.

One night we had a girls night out - pizza, wine and a movie - SO fun!

We spent a lot of quality time with the baby - he was clearly smitten with his Auntie Sarah ...

Sarah even babysat for us while Jeff and I had a Valentine's date night. AND she made us lasagna and pasta sauce to freeze and make when we're in need of a great homecooked meal, but I don't have time to prepare one for us. Such an amazing friend, and a visit I will never forget! We love you Auntie Sarah!!! :)

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