February 25, 2010

Two Months


Today you are two months old!

My what a difference a month makes for you little one. You have grown so much in the last month. At about 5 weeks, you started giving us little smiles, and you have been giving us more and more smiles every day since then! This is a picture of one of your first smiles.
Most recently, you have begun to find your voice - and what a sweet voice it is. You give us lots "ahhh, oooo, guuuoooo, coooeeeeoooo". It's so funny to watch you figure it out - you sometimes get a surprised look on your face when a new sound escapes! Clearly, there are more sounds that are just waiting to get out - we get the impression words are "stuck" at the back of your throat. But man you're having fun figuring it out :)

You have really been exploring your world this month. You hold your head up like a champ, and you love to be carried facing out so you can look all around. You especially like the mirror I hung next to your changing station - you smile at the baby in the mirror, and "talk" to him too :) In fact, the changing station seems to be your favorite spot - you do the most smiling and "talking" to us too when you are laying there.The other new thing lately is your activity gym on the floor that has a bunch of bright toys and things dangling from arches above you. There is a "kickmat" attached to it that plays music and lights up when you kick it. It took you less than a day to figure out that cause and effect relationship. So now you kick at it, stay still while it plays music, and as soon as it gets quiet, you kick at it again to get it to start back up. That's probably the first example we have seen where you clearly are learning that you have control of your body in a way that is able to affect change in your environment. You have strong legs for your age, and you love to stand up and down in my lap while I hold your hands to keep you steady.
Needless to say, this is all really cool to watch, and you guessed it, Mommy and Daddy are sooo proud of you Ben!!! We can't wait to see what the next month has in store ...

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