June 18, 2010

ConGRADs Patrick!

Uncle Patrick, or "Puncle" as we affectionately call him ;) graduated from THE Ohio State University last weekend. Ben and I went up a week early to spend time with CiCi, Grandpa, G-Gma and G-Gpa. Colin just got back from Afghanistan a couple weeks ago, and he was able to come for a visit too - it was a GREAT, big family reunion. WOW what a fun time we all had! We went to the zoo, the mall, the park, practiced sitting, played with new toys, read Green Eggs and Ham to Ben for the first time (my fav kids book), tried peas for the first time (Ben's fav food yet!), went for walks, played with the dogs, took a sink bath for the first time, had a family cookout, an open house party for Patrick and Colin, and went to Columbus for Pat's commencement ceremony. Phew! Here are some pix to tell the story :)

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