June 25, 2010

Six Months

Wow. I seriously don't know where to begin with what's happening in the world of our precious Ben. He is six months old and is such a sweetheart!!! He is 29in tall (98th%) and 17lbs (45th%) - almost identical to his percentiles at birth.

Ben is now sitting up, babbling more, rolling onto his tummy to sleep, rolling over and over again to get across the floor to follow a ball, trying to pull himself into a sitting position, associating words and objects like Mommy, Daddy, and doggie.

Ben has an adorable laugh that melts our hearts. He loves peek a boo, and the other day I was popping out from behind the kitchen counter to entertain him.

6 Month Giggles from Katy on Vimeo.

We just got him a highchair, and he is sitting up in that no problem. He also sits in the seat of shopping carts now, and goes directly into his stroller instead of being in the carseat.

We have taken Ben in the pool several times, and he loves it. He is a very chill waterbaby. He just hangs out in his float and looks around. For most of his life, he has just quietly observed the water, but we just taught him he could splash, so he's getting into that now.

The past month has brought a lot of new changes in Ben's eating as well. He's eating rice cereal, avocado, banana, sweet potatoes, peas, squash, plums, carrots, green beans, pears and blueberries.

Ben is on an AWESOME schedule, and we are so grateful for this. He has been sleeping ~12 hours through the night for a couple months now, but we just recently dropped the "dreamfeed", so now he truly is sleeping all that time, instead of me getting him up to nurse before I go to bed. Lately we have really gotten into a dependable routine ... wake ~7am, nurse & breakfast (cereal & fruit), nap ~9am, 11am nurse & lunch (fruit & veggie), ~1pm nap, ~3:30pm nurse, ~5pm dinner (cereal, fruit & veggie), ~6:30pm nurse & bed.

Ben, you are such a beautiful spirit, and we are incredibly proud of the ways you are growing and changing. You learn new things every day, and your innocent curiosity reminds us to appreciate the little things in life. We love you higher than the sky and deeper than the sea. It is an honor to be your parents. You are our little angelfacepreciouspants!!! :)

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