June 2, 2010

The Laughing Baby

One of my favorite Benjamin-Mommy moments happened today. I was pushing Ben through the store in his stroller. He was facing me and I could tell he was watching me as I shopped. So I started playing with him by pretending to look at items and then turning in towards him and saying "wha!" kind of like a peekaboo/surprise thing. He burst out laughing every time! Neither of us could get enough of it. I tried to take a video with my phone, but he only did a full laugh a couple times when I was videoing because he was half paying attention to the phone.

This is the first time he has laughed without some sort of tickle/physical contact, and it really felt like he was reaching a new stage - he seemed older somehow because he is now finding humor/joy in a social interaction. As we checked out, another shopper who had seen/heard Ben earlier during his laughing jag said to her daughter, "Look sweetie, there's the laughing baby!"

That's our Ben, The Laughing Baby!!!

Laughing Baby from Katy Lee on Vimeo.

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