July 8, 2010

Cici & Gpa come to visit!

My parents came to town for a family friend's wedding. It was beautiful, and we all had lots of fun. Jeff and I left Ben with a babysitter for the first time! We had been easing into it, first with family and friends watching him (thank you Moms and Dads and Sarah!!!), and then recently we left him with babysitters while we went into the next room to have dinner - at a work function for Jeff and at the club in our neighborhood. It felt really different this time though - driving away from the house I felt sad, but also confident that everything would go smoothly. After all, it would only be about an hour before he went to sleep for the night anyway. Sure enough, it was great. Ben went to sleep without a fuss and slept soundly til we got home :)

The rest of the holiday weekend, we had a blast - we spent lots of time in the pool, the most we ever have and it was awesome. We played Marco Polo and volleyball in the water, and cooked out. I also took my parents to the Feedstore BBQ, a local place that is soooo yummy! It was the quarterfinals of the World Cup, so there were some good games we got to watch too.
 Dad had to head back to work, but Mom stayed for the rest of the week. We spent lots of good quality time with Little Mitter and we also shopped, dined and checked out some neighboring cities (just in case they ever want to move down here - hehe!)
Ben's new highchair arrived, so Mom and I put that together for him. I think he likes it! He gets to sit at the table and eat with us :)

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