July 25, 2010

Seven Months

Happy 7 Months Ben!!! Our little guy continues to grow and learn and thrive everyday. He is wearing size 9-12mo cloths and is in a size 3 diaper! I think he had a growth spurt just after 6 mos, and he's now 18.5 lbs! His eyes are a really beautiful blueish-hazel. We are seeing more and more blond hairs lately, but still overall seems like his hair is a light brown with blond highlights.

He is doing lots of fun new things lately. He seems on the verge of crawling. He is scooting backwards on his tummy, and rolling across the floor to get to things he wants. He tries to pull himself up into a sitting position, although it will likely be a while before he is able to do it by himself. For now though he is working on some rock-hard abs ;) He is showing definite preference for certain books, and his favorite is still I Love You Through and Through. He turns all the pages, and when we get to the end, he closes the book and turns it back over to the front, and we begin again! He usually wants to read it through 3 or 4 times, and then starts looking around for "what's next" - haha.

His spitting up has almost completely stopped. We no longer have to cover ourselves in burp cloths all the time - yay! A couple times he has cried out when I leave the room, and he is calmed when I go back to his crib and give him a kiss and some kind words. So far, this is the only sign of "separation anxiety" we have seen, and it is very minimal. He is enjoying snuggle-time before naps and bed. I sit with him in the rocking chair and sing and hold him close. He runs his fingers through my hair or touches the soft fabric on the chair cushions. It is sooooo sweet, and I am cherishing every moment because I know he won't want these moments forever.

Ben LOVES the water spray from the shower, and squeals with delight when it sprays on him. He reaches his hands out to touch it, and tries to grab the shower head and pull it towards him. He is making lots of noises, like ba, ah goo, and tries to mimic us when we say "mama" or "dada" by saying "ah ah". He looks around the room to find us, and gets a satisfied look when he sees we are there. He loves Kodi, and has definitely been making moves to try and get to him. He loves Patty Cake and the Itsy Bitsy Spider, and he especially loves when we move his arms and legs like he's doing a triathlon (this is for our own posterity ... others may not want to read this part!) "Put your swim cap on, put your goggles on, dive into the water, swim swim swim swim swim, get out of the water, dry yourself off, take your goggles off, take your swim cap off, put your bike shoes on, get on your bike, pedal pedal pedal pedal pedal, get off the bike, take your bike shoes off, put your running shoes on, run run run run run run, cross the finish line, jump for joy jump for joy, receive your medal, yay Benjamin!" His favorite part is running. Laughs every time.

Way to go Ben! Mommy and Daddy love you buddy!!!!

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