July 19, 2010

A Visit from Nana & Grandpa

We had a FUN visit with Nana & Grandpa, who came up to spend time together as a family and to watch Ben while Jeff and I went out for a date night! We picked them up from Meachum regional airport and went to Coal Vines for pizza and wine :)
 Ben always surprises us with his resilience and ability to hang in there when he is off his "schedule" ... he usually goes to bed around 6:30 or 7pm, and we were at the restaurant til close to 9 that night. He did great, and even read his very first menu!
 Here's one of many of what I call "mini-me" pictures - I think they look so much alike!
 Nana and Grandpa brought lots of fun gifts for Ben, and he loves them all! Books in the shape of cars and trucks, cute swim gear, a ball, a cup and thermos with his name on it, and a really cool CD with songs that all say "Benjamin" in them :)

It was hot all weekend, so we hung out in the pool on Saturday. We set up the baggo to play it in the pool! Ben had his first taste of popsicle too ... I have a feeling this will become a favorite treat by next summer.
Then on Sunday, Nana and Grandpa were kind enough to babysit Ben so Jeff and I could head out for a date night. We were going out to dinner and then the Michael Buble concert. We realized that the timing would work out so we could actually have dinner at this movie theater that serves dinner while you watch a movie, so we made it our own "double" date and saw the movie Inception before the concert. We felt very fortunate to get out for some quality time together and know Ben was in such good hands at home.

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