October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

We had friends over for pizza and trick or treating around our street this year, just as we did last year. Benjamin and his friend Harrison made it A LOT further around this time ... Last year we made it about 6 houses down, and this time we went around the full loop, I would estimate about 20-25 houses. It was so cute because at first they didn't quite know what to do. They would go up to a house, but not knock or ring the bell. We encouraged them to do so and when someone answered, they would try to walk into their house. They tried to remember to say "trick or treat" but didn't always do so. Walking away from each house we would remind them "what do you say?" (hoping for a "thank you") but instead they would say "trick or treat!" again as they left the house with new candy in tow. Towards the end, they started to get the routine, and we did more watching and enjoying and less teaching and correcting. By the end, Benjamin's bucket was so heavy, he walked tilted over to one side ;) Jacob rode along happily in his stroller. One other highlight of the night was when the town fire department's big ladder truck came down our street with firemen to hand out glow necklaces and bracelets so kids would be safe and visible as it got dark. 

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