October 30, 2013

The Sound of Music

... My favorite movie of all time. But lately, the sound of music has been filling our lives even more because Benjamin started a Musikgarten class in September. He absolutely loves it! He lights up whenever it's time to go there, and I have never seen him be so consistently excited about an activity he gets to do. In class, he sings songs, does movements (I.e fly like a bumblebee, gallop like a horse, slink like a caterpillar), learns poetry, uses instruments, tells stories, learns interesting animal sounds (the downy woodpecker, the African honeybee, the whirligig beetle, etc), and more. We are very proud of him for immersing himself in these new lessons and finding joy in the sound of music!

He has always loved singing ... Before he could even talk in full sentences, he would complete lines of songs he loved, like life is a highway, on top of spaghetti, twinkle twinkle little star, we love mommy (that's one Jeff made up ;-) ) but this class has taken it to a new level. He sings randomly throughout each day. I really like his teacher Ms Morley. She reports that he is a really special kid who is doing exceptionally well vocalizing, matching pitch and engaging in class. 

Way to go Benjaminprecious!

It's difficult to get pictures as the parents only come in for a few minutes at the end of class, but here is one from today. Daddy got to meet us there after work ... Yay!

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