May 25, 2010

Five Months

My, my, my how our little man is growing up! Benjamin is changing right before our eyes in amazing, wonderful ways. He is starting to make babbling noises, he's responding to his name, he puts his arms out when I come to pick him up, he is grabbing his feet and rolling side to side (looks like he is on the verge of rolling from back to stomach), he is standing assisted more than ever, and even tries to make little step movements with his feet when he's standing. He is starting to show signs that he wants to crawl, and has his legs and his butt ready, but not his arms yet. He has been eating his rice cereal like a champ for a couple weeks now, and we are getting ready to introduce veggies and fruits too. He takes three naps during the day (8am-10am, 11:30am-12:30pm, and 2-4pm) and sleeps through the night (6:30pm-7am). This has become more consistent over the past month but especially got better once he started solids. The tooth that started to come out around 3.5 months disappeared back under his gumline, so we still get to see Ben's sweet, gummy smile for a while longer! His hair seems to be getting lighter with more flecks of blond hairs coming in. His eyes are still blue, but sometimes have kind of a steely gray-blue to them, with flecks of hazel near the middle. Kind of reminds me of my bro Colin's eyes, at least for now. Apparently his eye color can continue to change for the first year or even later, so we shall see :) He loves peekaboo, reading "I Love You Through and Through", his jumperoo, and is ticklish under his neck, on his belly, and his upper thighs. Benjamin just started moving objects from one hand to the other. He has also started to "anticipate" things, like he will start giggling before my tickle fingers actually touch him because he knows the game. OH and I am finally ready to say for the record that Ben may be left-handed!!! Jeff has thought so since almost Day 1, as Ben's left hand seemed to be dominant. I thought maybe it was just a fluke, but not anymore. He definitely uses his left hand way more than his right :) We'll see if it stays that way ...

Here are some pix from Ben's fifth month of life.

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