May 23, 2010

San Antonio

Ben and I joined Jeff on a work trip down to San Antonio last week. We had a great time together as a family, exploring the Riverwalk and the Alamo. It was HOT - in the 90's - but there was a nice breeze which kept it bearable. This was our first time in a hotel with Ben, and it went really well. He was such a great baby, going with the flow amidst all the travel, changes to schedule, sleeping in new places, etc. The hotel room was like the size of one in NYC - I didn't realize San Antonio real estate was that valuable that hotel rooms are like half the size of normal. We definitely learned some things like - when possible - it would be nice to be in a bigger hotel room, suite or some place that has a way to close off the noise and lights for the baby to sleep. We wanted Ben to have some semblance of normalcy, so we tried to keep it dark and quiet for naps during the day and bedtime around 7pm. We used headphones and laptops while he slept.

Ben got to be directly in his stroller for the first time (without being in his infant car seat for extra support) and he LOVED it - he looked like such a big boy. He was facing out looking around at things as we strolled the Riverwalk, and he kept saying hooooo hooooo hooooo. It was like we brought an owl along with us. I think he was trying to communicate his excitement at all the new stuff he was experiencing. So cute.

Here he is kicking back in his stroller. He knows how to relax.

Here we are at the Alamo and on the Riverwalk.

We also got to stop in and see Nana and Grandpa on the way down and the way back which was awesome! They watched Kodi for us while we were in San Antonio, and I don't think Kodi wanted to leave :) He had so much fun there. Chris and Shannon came over too, so we got to see Sophia, who is one month old already! She is so precious and sweet, we love her!! Here is Nana Pat with both grandkids - what a great sight :)

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