May 20, 2010

Sippy Cup Time

Lately, Ben has been watching us like a hawk in everything we do. His latest party trick is that whenever we bring a cup to our mouth to drink, he reaches for it with both hands, opens his mouth and leans his head toward the glass. When we offer him the cup, he wraps both hands around it and brings it to his mouth.

He is at an age now where he can start to have water or the Dr. suggested diluted apple juice to help with "regularity", so instead of putting it into a bottle, we are taking a cue from Ben and letting him start to learn to drink from a sippy cup. As you can see, he was pretty excited!!!

And although the cup was about half the size of him, he picked it right up and loves it! Not sure much of the drink is getting in him yet, but he has had a great start learning this new skill :)

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