May 9, 2010

The Greatest Gifts are Heaven Sent

The two main thoughts I had on Mother's Day:

1. Sure it's nice to be celebrated, but I've only been at this 4.5 months - shouldn't there be some sort of extra celebration for my mom, my mother-in-law, and all the other moms out there who have been at this a lot longer?!? I know how much of myself I have already given to this precious child of mine, and I look forward to adding to that over time. It's just a new level of appreciation I have for my mom, grandmothers and all the moms out there that have put their children's needs ahead of their own for years on end. There are a lot of "Happy First Mother's Day" cards out there, but maybe the greeting card manufacturers should make other milestone Mother's Day cards ... Happy 10th/25th/50th Mother's Day ... because IMHO those should be even bigger celebrations!

2. Overwhelming gratitude to my son Benjamin for the privilege of being his Mom. Without him, I wouldn't have a reason to celebrate this day (OK, I know it's a chicken or the egg thing, but work with me...) Jeff did extra special things and gave me some very thoughtful things, but we both agree that the greatest Mother's Day gift of all was already here with us, and he was Heaven sent.

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