May 10, 2010

Turning a Corner - Figuratively

The last few days, it seems like Ben has been turning a corner, acting and engaging with us more like another person. He makes noises intentionally ... making a noise, then looking to us for a reaction ... so he's figuring out how to get our attention with his communication. He is also advancing with regard to his visual perception of the world around him. If the wind is blowing outside, he will look past me to watch the trees blowing in the wind. If Kodi walks into/through the room, he watches him the whole way, even if it means pivoting his body around to see it all.

Ben is also starting to show signs of independence, like grabbing the spoon I was feeding him with so he can do it himself. Or taking his pacifier and putting it back in his mouth on his own. It's funny, because it seems like these progressions are clustered ... we'll go for a while seemingly on cruise control, and then all of a sudden, Ben has an accelerated burst of development - I love it!!!

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